Programmer: Great meeting people from different backgrounds


If you never participated in a Startup Weekend before, your first question may be as simple as: Why should you participate? What do you get in return for spending a weekend working instead of relaxing.

Morten Tranberg Hansen, Programmer and winner of the 2012 Startup Weekend in Copenhagen.

Morten Tranberg Hansen, Programmer and winner of the 2012 Startup Weekend in Copenhagen.

We asked programmer Morten Tranberg Hansen, who participated in Startup Weekend in Aarhus last year.

Morten presented his own idea which was centered on making it easy to generate an app. After the initial presentation he formed a team with a marketing specialist and an graphical artist. His personal background is a Ph.D. in Computer Science and he works as a programmer at a company which produces wireless meetering equipment for water and electricity.

To Morten the great thing about Startup Weekend is exactly that: Teaming up with people from a different background who were able to provide insight into other fields.

“They helped improve my initial idea, by focusing on customer needs and finding out Who actually needs fast and cheap app-solutions? As a programmer you have very little knowledge on how to market products.”

The teams collected efforts resulted in a a first prize, and together they continued developing the idea for the coming months.

“I really learned a lot in that period about starting a company. We focused mainly on how to get the leanest possible version of the product up and running, Morten explains.

After four months they decided to put the project on hold. “We came to the point, where we could only move on, if we gave up our day time jobs. It’s difficult to sell and market a product if you can only do it in the evening, and we all have full time jobs.”

Despite the fact that his first project is still on hold, he is allready considering participating in the next Startup Weekend. “The energy is just amazing. Despite working all weekend you come home full of new energy, Morten explains.

So, Who knows – you just may meet him in April at Startup Weekend Copenhagen Media.