This top-prize will extend the life of your startup-idea


Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship - logoIf you’re serious about your startup idea, you’ll of course wonder what happens after Startup Weekend?

Does it actually change anything? Do any of these ideas survive, and how?

That’s why we are especially proud to present a top award, which will help extend the life of one of the best projects.

The Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE) has decided to sponsor a 3 month long “Proof of Concept” program. This is how they describe the programme:

Proof of Concept 
With the Proof of Concept program at CSE Lab you can test your idea and proof that it’s feasible e.g. through prototyping, customer traction or engaged partnerships. CSE Lab offer the startup team 3 months office facilities, customized sparring, workshops as well as access to great network and external experts. If the idea proofs well after three months and the team is still highly motivated CSE Lab will offer the team to join the Proof of Business program. This program will give the team access to furthers resources, six more months office space and the chance to make the business sustainable.


When we decided to organize this special media-edition of Startup Weekend, it was of course with the hope, that it will help build the Danish new-media landscape from the ground up.

This specific award helps do just that, and that’s why we’re especially proud to announce this sponsorship.

\ Ernst