Socialsquare offers a Special Prize at StartUp Weekend Cph Media


The special prize will be given independent of the jury’s decision as the team will be chosen by Socialsquare, a leading digital strategy and innovation agency.

The chosen team will be offered a free 3 hour development workshop to receive a qualified and experienced review of the product and value proposition, which will form a basis for further development and evolvement of the winning business. The process will be focused on a social design workshop, in which the product design, its social architecture and flows will be discussed and challenged. The outcome will be a set of recommendations for how the product can be enhanced to ensure user acceptance and possible market adoption.

The selection of the team will be based upon the idea of providing as much value as possible in terms of mutual benefit. Thus, the best match will be the team that have a product that could gain most from Socialsquares proposition and where the team is expected provide the strongest engagement in the workshop.

The winner will be announced after the jury have picked the official event winners. The special Prize is without any obligation and will take place at Socialsquare’s office in the heart of Nørrebro, Copenhagen when it best suits the team. Socialsquare is a digital innovation agency that help companies create new digital businesses, products and services by applying design research, lean start-up methods, service design and customer development.